About Us

[headline style=”medium” use_underline=”yes”]THIS IS HOW 786.MARKETING AGENCY CORP. BEGAN[/headline]

786.Marketing is born as an ideal, inspired by the mentality and creative personality that defines our team. It’s a name that identifies us as friendly, reachable and easy to remember to the online world. It surges inside an innovative movement where “.marketing” domains were the trend of the moment, and in this way, was how we decided to play with some of the area codes in Miami, FL where our headquarters was established: 786 became the victor over 305, turning into the official name of our company.

With an attractive and youthful name defined by the background for our company, we continued the search for the perfect combination between our ideals as a corporation. The mixture of our clever name and the colors that would represent who we are as an organization: the youth and its curiosity, wit and creative freedom have always that are the base of our beliefs. These traits are encouraged in the company, and we stimulate the practice of sports and any other activity that pushes members of our team to explore this world filled with incredible possibilities.

Now that you know who we are, it’s time for you discover what we do! As a company, we are producing new ideas every day, looking to innovate and create unique and interesting concepts, always offering a valuable solution to the most intricate problems in marketing and advertising. How do we do it? We work with most innovative and effective notion in our field of work: Inbound Marketing. Offering a wide set of services, each tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Social media, digital marketing, web page design, printing, promotional products and all sorts of elements to sky-rocket your brand. 786.Marketing, everything you need, all in one place!

Luizaida Mendoza
Community Manager
Andrea Zambrano
English Writter/Escritora en Inglés
Tony Baldo
Branch Associate
Oscar Eduardo Núñez Arias
Rosaly Durán
Graphic Designer
Elinette Melchor
Chief Editor
Manuela Ballarales
Andreina Ortuño
Senior Graphic Designer
Mary Pérez
Abner Roa
Editors Director
Caro Castellanos
Organization & Methods
Karime Rivas
Social Media Planner Manager
Alex Westphal
Social Network Listing Specialist
José Jiménez
Web & App Developer
Andrea García
Gabriela Medina
Jaime Jesús Fermín
Social Network Listing Architect
Arlett Tovar
Chief Editor/Editora en Jefe
Deibys Quintero
Recruitment & Selection Analyst
Franmir Cárdenas
Social Media Strategist
Aneta Devenish
Marketing Manager 786
Diana Diaz
Blogger Manager
Jonhen Rivas
Yeimy Herrera
Senior Graphic Designer
Desirée de los Angeles Méndez González
Social Media Strategist Manager
Laura Monsalve
Senior Graphic Designer
Johana Muriel
José Samuel Olivares
Spanish Writter/Escritor en Español
Jet Hidalgo
Branch Associate
Luis E. Galavis
Web & App Developer
Daniela Olivero
Chief Editor
Aidnes Sánchez
Content Matter Director
Auricelis Alvarado
Tony “Havoc” Baldo
Art & Graphic Design Director
Michelle Victoria Medina Alvarado
Senior Community Manager
Zarina Mora
Social Media Planner Expert
Mariana Segura
Social Media Strategist
Luis Pérez
Senior Graphic Reporter
Alejandro José Biaggiotti Gonzalez
Senior Community Manager
Emily José Morales Manrique
Blogger Expert
Crismerlyn Ruiz
Social Network Listing Manager
Juan Diego Parra Padron
Social Network Architect
Orianna Carolina Castellanos García
Community Manager
Keitsy Castillo
Graphic Designer Manager
Aoudrei Rivero
Social Media
Juan Carlos Neuman Aparicio
Social Media Strategist