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Blog Writting Service

786.Marketing Agency Corp.Blog Writting Service

We specialize in working with businesses creating remarkable content that gets target audiences talking about their brands. Content marketing is not selling, it’s engaging with your audience to attract customers, is one of the basics for the inbound marketing raise brand awareness & influence behavior

Content is being created at such a huge scale that even great content can be lost in the noise on the web today. That’s why content needs to be unique, compelling and have a true purpose.

Content marketing is the backbone of our SEO and link building strategies as content plays such an important role in search engine scoring, attracting links, buzz and social sharing.

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Having a blog is also an opportunity to establish your business as an authority in your industry; it helps you form relationships with potential customers; and, of course, it allows you to show off a bit that you really know what you’re talking about.

Your blog posts need to be educational, informative and entertaining, and preferably at the same time.

The drawback with writing a blog? Somebody’s got to do it.

So use 786 Marketing’s blog writing services

Now, I’ll be honest. If you’re after those blog posts that are written purely for the search engines, that are stuffed full of keywords, and have well awful grammar, then you might want to go elsewhere. There are plenty of companies out there that offer these so-called blog writing services, and churn out that sort of thing for about a tenner. Turner Ink ain’t one of them I’m afraid. But if you want blog posts that are well written, well researched and will attract visitors to your site, you’ve come to the right place. After all, your content should always be written for your visitors first and the search engines second.

But outsourcing your blog writing on a weekly basis can be costly. So 786 Marketing also offers a blog editing service. Just bang out your blog posts, send them over, and we’ll give them a bit of spit and polish.

Now there’s no excuse not to have a blog that’s right up-to-date. Which reminds me…I need to write a blog post.


Last update April 2017

Basic Weekend
(2 Blog/week)

$180 /mo
  • 2 blogs per week.
  • 8 Post Max per month.
  • Biweekly reports.
  • Pre-approval email ($20 Extra cost)
  • full experts team assigned.
  • daily monitor.

Basic Weekly
(One blog/week)

$150 /mo
  • 1 blog per week.
  • 4 blog Max per month.
  • Biweekly reports.
  • Pre-approval email. ($20 Extra cost)
  • Full experts team assigned.
  • Daily monitor.

(Two blog/week)

$200 /mo
  • 2 blogs per week (No Weekends).
  • 8 blog Max per month.
  • Biweekly reports.
  • Pre-approval email.
  • Full experts team assigned.
  • Daily monitor.

Daily Blog

$250 /mo
  • 5 blog per week (No Weekends).
  • 20 Post Max per month.
  • Biweekly reports.
  • Pre-approval email. ($20 Extra)
  • Full experts team assigned.
  • Daily monitor.

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We are a sociable bunch and our new business comes primarily from recommendations & referrals from clients & friends who know how we work. We don’t think that salesmen should do all the talking for us and so we recommend that you speak directly to our clients to understand who we are and what we do.

Our social media pricing is completely bespoke and is based on your current situation and your objectives.

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