5 Tips to Increase your Web Sales

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The modern times require a different approach to the way we see the normal process of merchandising, and for the past decade we’ve seen the techniques for sales taking a more technological direction. One of the main models is offering the products online, whether it is right from your own website or using an online store in which we pay a small percentage for the right to place your products in their catalogue. While many pages offer the services, the key to reach a sale, it is in the correct usage of the web tools to generate results, and in this article I’m about to explain to you how you can increase your sales with five simple tips!

Use the correct hashtags

I’m sure that you’ve seen them in pretty much every social network and by now, the word “hashtag” has included itself in the day-to-day language. For that reason, you should know how to use them correctly to draw the attention you want for your social media account, thus increasing the sales for your business. The creation of this tool in social media allows us to tag our product specifically to one word, and people who browse that particular term will be meet with your post along the other ones tagged with it. There are as many hashtags as words in the language, and some are trending by the relevance at the moment, or by the general use of it. Try to describe your product in 5 words and see if those are among the ones that are popular at the moment, the mix of specific and generic hashtags generate the traffic you want towards your product, guaranteeing the exposure and increasing exponentially the chances of making a sale.

Plan special offers

When you have a particular item that clients will want for one particular occasion, or if you are seeing a decrease of sales, offer them in a package, give a discount or something similar. Many business tend to do this with products that are slow to sale, or that are themed specially for an date of the year. For example, if you are a costume store, nearing november you can offer special packages of pieces to create customized outfits for the people interested in the product. Read the market and find the right time to create a hype for your stock, and you can even do this an event, some online stores have a monthly offer or sale, in which the clients can obtain a certain product with a discount if they order it within a certain amount of time. The idea is that when clients see your posts about it, they will instantly want to obtain it, and it’s one of the most popular strategies for social media selling; besides, if you combine it with the use of a particular code or hashtag offered by the interaction (whether that is a retweet, a share or a pin) from social media, you’ll increase not only your follower base, but also your rank in the popularity among that particular platform.

Get Visual Support

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words, and using them correctly allows you to increase the potential of sales for the people that see them online. This is because they are looking at the offer directly, and if you accompany with a great description, the chances of a sale are increased exponentially. Post with a direct link to the place where your product can be acquired and where they can see different angles of the item, as with it they will have the idea of what they will obtain and surely want to use it to solve their problematic. You have to keep in mind that this is where honesty and truth play an important rule: give exactly what you offer, quality and durability are important too, but the main thing that online buyers are looking for is the direct correlation of the images to the ones that they see when they browse your catalogue before hitting the “Buy” button, so taking perfect pictures and placing them strategically in your posts on social media allow people to get the idea of what you are selling right away is a must. Besides, the products that are exactly as offered are the ones that your clients are going to buy again and recommend to the people the know!

Add credibility

One of the most understated resources as far as sales goes is recommendations, the fact that customers are compelled to tell their experiences to others, specially in the digital era is important to take into consideration when selling online. Sharing is just typing and pulsing the “Publish” button on their preferred social network, so having an excellent product that people are willing to attest for is great to generate results. In fact, among the reasons why some people get more customers than others is the fact that people tend to trust other’s opinions: encourage your buyers to leave reviews of your products, that way you’ll be guaranteed that the potential visitors of your catalogue will be enticed by the experience from people that already obtained the product. You can create more hype by offering discounts after they leave a review, or add a bonus in their order next order.

Right at your client’s door

The main reason why people are interested in buying online is the convenience: they don’t have to move from their spot to obtain the products! Having a smartphone enables them to browse online stores from any place in the planet, pay through the same platform and have things delivered right at their doors. This fact alone is one of the things you can use to your advantage when you are selling online; offering a special on the delivery process, whether that is having their packages free of charge if they are over a certain amount, or a special discount if they enter a code, you have a great opportunity to create the hype that you need for your brand.

With this tips you can try the different formats of social media sales and create the hype your brand needs to increase the sales based on online platforms. Match that with an excellent marketing strategy, like the one 786 Marketing can offer and you’ll have an exponential increase on your sales and follower base. Try it and let us know how this tips work for your brand, and remember that the power is on your hands with social media!

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