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Watch Out For These Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

2017 is about to come to an end, and as it always happens, social media and digital marketing trends continue their constant evolution. What was useful this year might prove to be worthless the next, and sometimes, with all changes and updates, keeping the pace can get a bit overwhelming. Many things changed in 2017, and we’re starting to see the birth of new practices and behaviors that will definitely get all our attention during 2018. Watch out for these new trends, with your brands in your hearts, creativity in your minds, and success as your goal, to get the best results this new year.

To explore the path that social media will take in 2018, Hootsuite’s specialists, James Mulvey and Amber Naslund, collected different sources of statistics and data to make accurate predictions of what the market will look like for the months to come. We can see some of those changes in our everyday lives. All social media platforms are investing huge efforts in developing live broadcasting tools, such as Instagram Stories or Facebook Live. What started with Snapchat has now become a rule for social media apps, and we’re just starting to see its true potential. Changes in algorithms and declining organic reach are also transforming the way marketers think about social media advertisement. Here’s what we can learn:

The Internet is turning mobile

Technology is making our smartphones more powerful than ever. So, naturally, people are using them now like never before, especially when it comes to social media. In fact, when using their cellphones, people spent 1 in 3 minutes in social apps. This calls for new ways to understand and optimize our content because now it’s much more likely for it to be seen through a smartphone’s screen. Blogs and websites need to make sure that their content is mobile-friendly and easy to access.

New ways to read social data and ROI

One of the greatest challenges in social media has always been how to prove ROI through social media’s metrics. Actually, according to a poll organized by HootSuite, 56% of marketers say that not being able to prove revenue from social media investment makes it difficult for organizations to track their success. Sometimes, they even have a hard time defining which metrics they should look at.

This 2018, both executives and marketers need to work together to understand how data can be tied to goals set explicitly by an organization. Traditional marketing plans need to fuse with digital strategies to measure if both of them were truly successful or not. Take into consideration the customer journey and find some indicators that can let you track their journey: awareness, engagement, evaluation, loyalty, acquisition, and advocacy.

Secondly, we need to understand that the value of digital marketing goes beyond sales. What we see nowadays is that social media is becoming a very powerful tool to understand what our customers want. They can be used to get a clear insight of who they are and how they behave. This should always be a key element in any marketing strategy, as it can help organizations realize where the focus of their efforts should be and which adjustments need to be made in their products and services.

Video content: the new king of social media

Before, this was mostly a trend set by the youngest generation of Internet users, but today it’s becoming the main content consumption format on the web. This new year, and if you have resources to do so, you should definitely start producing as many videos as you can. A decrease in our attention span and videos’ potential to present attractive and dynamic information are making them the new king of social media content.

In 2018, brands need to act as broadcasters. Social TV has come here to stay. Instagram Stories, Periscope, Facebook Live, they all have one purpose: to show real-time content to which audiences can easily connect. In fact, live videos have a 25% higher engagement rate than traditional ones, and social networks’ algorithms are set to privilege live content. You can also combine your live streams with SEO strategies, as Google indexes Facebook’s videos and will soon start to play previews on its interface automatically.

Unscripted live videos also have an overall better performance over scripted ones. And just like we said before, don’t forget about the mobile experience. We’re watching mobile videos now more than ever before, and social networks such as YouTube are already adapting to this new era of broadcasting and social television.

As trust in media declines, peer’s influence rises

We think it’s fair to say that ‘fake news’ was probably the word of the year. Crazy political campaigns, failed polls with unexpected results, and a general lack of trust in traditional media has made people wary of mainstream personalities and outlets. With old institutions failing them, people are turning to their friends and families to find trustable sources of information. In this regard, influencers act many times as friends.

Nowadays, someone who can be called ‘a person like me’ can be as trustworthy as any expert. That’s why you should embrace the use of regular people to communicate your brand’s message. Employees, advocates, customers, and micro-influencers can all help you develop a successful marketing strategy that, above anything else, feels real.

Steadily but surely: Artificial Intelligence is here to stay

Artificial Intelligence still sounds like something that came out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s way closer than you think. In fact, it’s already here! Today, there are at least 100,000 messenger bots on Facebook, and AI usage will increase to 62% in 2018. So could you trust a machine? Maybe you should.

Artificial intelligence can prove to be very useful for customer services, but it’s a matter of balance. AI bots responding to customers are great for troubleshooting, but not so much for building relationships with them. This new year, consider getting your own bots because they’ll be able to send personalized messages to your targeted audiences and they’ll also give you clear statistics of what your customers are asking and saying. Keep humans to stay focused on human needs.

Which trends do you think will be the most successful ones this 2018? Are you already applying some of them? Go to our social media and let us know what you think! 2018 is bound to be a year of great changes for digital marketers, and the challenge is just now getting started!


Get ready for the new year!

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Bitcoin PPC Benefits in Digital Marketing

Many times, in the world of digital marketing, and just like in traditional advertisement, the ones who get more views and engagement are the ones who can consider themselves to be successful. That’s the reason why PPC or Pay Per Click advertisement was born. However, before we dive deep into what that means, we want to clarify that for inbound marketers, it’s not only about how many people we can reach out to but also about whether the content we’re providing can be helpful for our potential buyers, customers and followers.

While this is certainly true, we also need to figure out a way to position ourselves in the minds of our readers. How do we guarantee that they’ll be able to find us easily, even when they’re not specifically looking for us? It has a lot to do with search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines’ algorithms take too many details into account to figure out which websites can prove to be useful for people. One of those details, the one we’ll be discussing today, is traffic. The more traffic a web page has, the more likely it is to be shown on any search engine’s first page.

Getting more traffic with PPC

Traffic is commonly defined by the number of people that are clicking on our website and interacting with our content. If a lot of people is doing it, search engines will read those sites as potentially useful, trustworthy, and trendy. Needless to say, that’s not all it takes. If it were, then all you would need would be a ton of random clicks, and you’d be bound to become a success. Quality content, real clicks, good targeting, optimization, and consistency also play a huge role.

Pay Per Click’s campaigns, offered by companies like Google, position your web page to get clicks from targeted audiences that could be interested in your products or services. They charge you a specific amount of money for each click, and they guarantee that you’ll get more traffic by the end of the campaign. Traffic’s increase that comes as a result of this strategy can help you track new customers and create a loyal audience for your company.

Use it the other way around with Bitcoin advertisement!

With this very same method, you can also start earning bitcoins. If you have a website, you can pay a bitcoin advertisement company to feature different ads on your page. The more people click on them, the more money you’ll earn. Make sure you find an agency that works with very specifically targeted audiences, so you know that those ads that will show on your website won’t result annoying or uninteresting for the people visiting it.

If you’re in the bitcoin market, you can also pay these companies to showcase your ads on other websites. If you have a blog, it’s also a great way to start earning money digitally, and it’s win-win situation for both the advertiser and you. The world of cryptocurrency is changing the way we think about the digital world and its impact on the economy. Are you ready to invest in bitcoins?


Bitcoin campaign for digital marketing

Explore the benefits of using Bitcoin PPC system in your marketing business strategies! Without any tricks!

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Generations on Social Media: What Do They Say About Your Social Media Habits?

Conventional wisdom says teenagers are obsessed with Snapchat and parents just can’t seem to be able to log out of Facebook. We feel embarrassed by what moms of the world post on their Instagram pages and we’re still trying to figure out how to tell our aunts that their comments are adorable… really, they are, but… maybe they’re just a little too much. Why do we use social media so differently depending on our age?

And it’s not only about what we post, but it’s also about the kind of content we consume. Do you follow every influencer you know and stay updated with every tip they post and every recipe they try? Maybe you prefer Instagram over Facebook, Twitter over Instagram. Maybe you love following blogs, scrolling through Reddit or surfing the web on your computer rather than doing it on your cell phone. With over 2 million users, there’s a place for everyone on the Internet, and you can almost predict how old someone is out of their digital habits.

And yes, exactly. Those predictions can be very useful when we talk about marketing audiences. If you know where your target is, you know how to reach out to it. If you know what kind of content your customers prefer, you know how to approach them efficiently and organically. Baby boomers, millennials, members of the new gen Z… they all come from different eras and backgrounds and have lived experiences that changed the way they perceive reality. But one thing they have in common is they’re all online so here’s how you can find them:

The Baby Boomers (born between 1954-1964)
53 to 63 years old

Baby Boomers lived a very convulsive era of American history. They went through Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King’s assassination and lived under the fear of a nuclear catastrophe as a consequence of the Cold War. Civil rights movements thrived during this time, and members of this generation probably protested against the Vietnam War. Among this chaos, baby boomers lived with good economic opportunities that allowed them to believe that dreams were worth fighting for and goals were always achievable. They grew up optimistic about the future.

Nowadays, baby boomers have access to 70 % of U.S. disposable income. They grew up with economic certainty and as so are more likely to rely on credit cards. 84% of baby boomers have a Facebook account. It’s their favorite social media by far, spending an average of 11 hours a week on it. They also use LinkedIn and are more likely to visit a company’s website than follow them on social media. They’re looking for deals and promotions, as well as product’s information. While millennials interact, baby boomers tend to be mostly observers. It’s also important to know when they’re active: baby boomers consume content in the early and late morning and usually go to sleep earlier.

Generation X (born between 1965 and the early 80’s)

50 to 37 years old

Members of this generation weren’t as lucky as the baby boomers. They’re even sometimes referred as the “lost generation.” They didn’t have as many economic opportunities as those who came before them, and they are characterized by their high levels of skepticism. They’re the best-educated generation as a 29% of them obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher. Today, you’ll find them with families formed with high levels of caution and pragmatism. They avoid broken homes or poor economic planning.

Because of their search for stability, Gen Xers tend to be more loyal to brands than millennials. They’re also more technologically savvy than baby boomers. They’re probably on their parenting stage of life nowadays, so they’ll be looking for products and services that fit their needs of saving money and providing a healthy lifestyle for their families. They’re very likely to unfollow brands on social media if they become offensive or spammy, but a bad experience might not be enough to break their fidelity.

Members of this generation are more active between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. and 40% of them prefer to view their content on laptops. Facebook and Pinterest are their most used social media, and they love purchasing products from their favorite brands based on reviews.

Generation Y or Millennials (born between the early 80’s and 1999)

36 to 18 years old

Millennials are the greatest generation today, and the one everyone’s talking about. They were born in the transition to a technological-fueled world, and now they’re becoming part of our workforce. They were raised by the optimistic baby boomers, in a world that’s not so gentle with new talent anymore, so they get easily frustrated, struggle to find motivation, and are always wondering what’s their real purpose.

Having grown up with technology, you can be sure they know how to use it and how to innovate in the field. They use social media to make new friends and are reticent to advertisements on digital outlets. They’re not easily fooled by brands. Marketers have the challenge of creating both promotional and non-promotional content for members of this generation. If you want to appeal to millennials, you have to create a personal experience for them and let them know loud and clear why you’re different from everyone else.

Millennials are more likely to believe in users they trust than in brands, which is why influencers can be so useful for marketers. Facebook and Youtube are their favorite social media and, believe it or not,  they don’t spend as much time on social media as other generations, with an average of 6 hours 19 minutes a week. The average millennial spends $2,000 online every year, and they’re also very concerned with their financial future.

Generation Z (born between 1996-present)

21 years old and younger

We’re still trying to figure out members of the youngest generation. Unlike Millennials, Gen Zers don’t really know a world without social media and the Internet. They don’t remember how it used to be. Therefore they don’t feel nostalgia for the times passed. The Internet’s platforms are their natural habitat, and because of that, they’ll be the ones who will decide where social media will head in the future.

Unlike the other generations, Gen Zers are dropping Facebook as their most used social media. Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube are capturing all of their attention. Video content is extremely important when marketing Gen Z consumers, as they don’t tend to have a very long attention span. They also prefer to see real people than celebrities in advertisements. That’s why, while it might seem strange, it’s probably better to hire Internet celebrities and influencers before Hollywood stars.

Whatever generation you intend to target, always make sure to take a moment to try to think like them. Question yourself: On which point in life are they right now? Are they thinking about forming a family or looking for college applications? Look for statistics and behavioral analysis to have a general notion of what they might be interested in. After all, all of these are extensive conclusions. However, at 786 Marketing, they give us a good canvas to start planning which marketing campaign we’ll implement for our clients! Do you feel identified with these characteristics? Which generation do you belong to? Let us know in the comments and follow us for more of our content!

generations social media marketing

Depending on how old we are, different marketing strategies will be more or less effective.


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How to turn Leads into Sales through Inbound Strategies

Attracting customers to try what you have to offer is inherently good, and if you’re one of those who use inbound marketing strategies to reach your target, you’re halfway there. Indeed, you’ve already managed to develop unique and useful contents, and you paved your way into gaining a lot of leads in the process. What comes next? A critical part: the task of turning those leads into potential sales for your company.

Inbound leads are very different from the typical viewer, the one you usually need to find, seek, and convince of buying a product. The main characteristic that defines inbound leads is that the viewer found you while browsing the web, looking to fulfill a need of something you accomplished to give.

Now comes the tricky part. You must be smart to turn leads into customers, as they already engaged with your contents. First, you must identify which of the leads that are engaging can turn into loyal, paying clients. Between those who just bumped into your website looking for information and the ones who just randomly ended there, a percentage is actually in need of what you can offer.

After identifying your potential customers, you must be very careful on how you reach to them. There’s a vast difference between advertising sales, and offering something as you communicate with the client. The first method doesn’t engage like the second one. Think of how you would like to be sold to and try to sell that way. As you listen to the problems and necessities of the customer, you’ll eventually find your way in and cover those needs.

Making a proper follow-up is essential as well. Business today is filled with so much information, and our mind is busy with so many things, that we often forget just how important it is to keep in touch with those who contact us in the first place. Dedicate some time of your day into assisting those leads and nurture them into choosing you.

Should you get a contact number from a potential client, you must be the one to contact and make the correct approach (always avoiding harassing the customer). Grab any opportunity if you see there’s potential in it!

On the contrary, if you find out the lead you contacted won’t give you anything in return regarding future potentialities, be honest, but make sure you assist them into trying somewhere else. Knowing when and how to say “no” is also part of the business, as assertiveness plays an important role here.

Turning leads into sales is not an easy task at all, but with the proper strategies, there’s a high chance of transforming things to your favor. Did you find this information useful? There’s much more information like this at 786.Marketing! Be sure to give us some feedback. We’re open to any suggestions you might have!

Maximize the results of your sales by choosing the right time and day to approach to your target.

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Create Irresistible Products: 7 Marketing Steps to Get it Done

Marketers on the run know how vital is to develop trust when selling. This loyalty raises the numbers up and allows companies to expand their market niche. But before that part of the process occurs, it’s important to remember that sales go around one thing alone. That is the product you’re selling, of course.

You know this already, right? After all, this is what your business (and every profit-seeking business) is all about. But you’re here because you want to go beyond the ordinary and create a product no one can resist buying.

This entry will focus on the main guidelines to follow around the creation of a product, and how to base it on what your target wants.  After that, you will have to get their attention and offer them exactly what they needed in the first place.

1.- Identify your target


Even though it might seem like an obvious thing to do, most companies skip this part of the process, and the result couldn’t be worse. Identifying your target is not just about marking a group of people and adjusting to their needs. Your target niche must be carefully chosen to ensure the product will reach them and have success in that group.

2.- Find a blind spot


This is the moment where the product is born. After knowing who your target will be, the research begins. Investigate the big picture and look for blind spots and available seats to put your product. It’s not just about knowing the problem but solving it with what you have to offer.

3.- Create a necessity


To create a necessity, your primary goal must be that your target audience sees your product as something they need to have. Strategically, the process doesn’t need to involve advertising and spam to get it done, but raising awareness and showing just how unique the product is. Your ultimate goal is that people see the solution to what they were looking for in your product. Show them why yours is different from the lot, and the odds are that they will buy it without hesitating.

4.- Sell it for what it is


Honesty holds more value than anything when selling. Sell your product for what it is and avoid adding more attributes than it already has. In the end, the truth will just turn all those lies into failure. Credibility creates loyalty in business.

5.- Price and value


You were the one who put all the effort behind the making of the product, so you know the price it must have. But take into consideration how your target will see that price label on your product. Start off with affordable prices, and depending on the demand, make that number increase.

6.- Selling strategies


Makes sense to see commercials of sports shoes in the middle of soccer games, or food adverts on malls. Depending on what you’re trying to sell, look for a place and a way to put it on display. Also, remember to consider where your target is and ways to get your product in their mind.

7.- Buying behavior


The buying behavior is all about making clients, who have already bought your product buy again. Do not just settle with selling something once, you must seek for a clients’ comeback, and all of this is based on loyalty. Satisfied customers are very likely to repurchase your products again.


There’s always room to improve in the business world, and even more with the continuous advances marketing is making. For that matter, you must keep an eye on the changes and adapt at a fast pace. This is what makes 786.Marketing succeed in business today. We have the skills and the adaptation capability to master these changes. Do you need a full quality service to improve your company’s social media awareness? You came to the right place. Contact us to get started!

Reach for your target with a brief explanation of what your product has to offer.

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Visual Marketing Strategies: An Easy How-To

Due to the continuous growth of applications like Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram, it only makes sense to base your ideas around those social networks. What’s the base of these social media profiles? The images! First of all, these work as places to showcase your talents as photographer and designer, and they also function as visual galleries. But what makes this unique and extraordinary? Well, you’re about to get into the real deal of Visual Marketing, so no simplicity in design is allowed (only if applicable of course!).

What is Visual Marketing? To define it you must know just how important are visuals in business. Most of the time, clients find the visible part of a brand essential even before making a decision related to your company. Some customers look for a fresh, creative logo, while others choose a more serious, business-like image. It is up to you to decide which option you’re targeting and how to connect with it. The same rule applies to the creation of contents for the social media, as picking and developing content according to the essence of a brand is what often makes unique profiles.

The moment you start to take into consideration the needs and interests of your target market, you’re setting the Visual Marketing strategies into motion. The spectrum that this type of marketing covers is based on knowing what your goals are. For example, influencers’ goal is to get followers who identify with what the person represents and earn popularity. After having that identified, the rest should be easy to do, but it must be focused on reaching those followers.

That’s just halfway of the process, now that you have reached your target, you must build personas. But what is that? Building personas mean the creation of an active character towards your brand and services by satisfying needs of your market. Meeting the needs of your audience will maintain them by your side for the long term while developing interest from newcomers at the same time. If your goal is to raise the awareness of your brand, then you must make it go viral with the use of SEO, Hashtags, and Contests. These will show users how compromised you are in showing what your brand is all about.

Visual marketing is all about the details and originality. Once you get through the whole process, the rest is up to what you want to make your brand or business. Keep in mind that people are like trends, they change with time. Monitor that flow of change, and you’ll adapt accordingly. This is just like we do at 786.Marketing: we stay up to date about the things our target market wants. Don’t forget to contact us to start working on the improvement of your social networks!

When creating visual contents, you must consider certain aspects rather than just creating appealing images.

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Employee of the Month at 786.Marketing

There’s a tradition in companies that most directors implement to reward employees who excel in their department and the dedication they put to the fulfillment of responsibilities. The Employee of the Month Program’s purpose is to recognize these efforts and to exhibit the individual as an example for others to follow.

At 786.Marketing we know how much effort our employees put in their daily labor. The cooperation, high quality of performance and will to assist co-workers to carry out important projects in each department; these are just some traits of character every employee should have.

In this four-month period from January until April, an election was held for the choosing of the employee of the month. And the winners were the following:

Marilyn Ramos: The SNL & SEO Manager won January’s election. Her job as the manager of the Social Network Listing department has always been of excellence, as for January, she worked non-stop to improve the creation and supervision of her department and the company, in general.

Valentina Ovalle: Did you see a grammar mistake around? If you didn’t, that’s because of her. As a Chief Editor,  Valentina’s labor only adds to the many ideas and projects she has developed in the improvement of process, inside the company. She earned the title for February’s election, that’s for sure!

Aidnes Sanchez: As the head of the Bloggers’ department, her role as a Subject Matter Manager doesn’t end just in the supervision and correct functioning of procedures. Aidnes has been working hard in many different areas of the company. She’s an example to follow for sure, a well-deserved title for March’s Employee of the Month.

Abner Roa: A promising member from the Editors’ department. Abner is an example to follow for those who are just starting in the company. He is the Editor & Content Manager. If there’s a mistake, he will make sure to correct it immediately.

The outstanding labor of our team at 786.Marketing is the reflection of what we do here. It’s our responsibility to recognize a great job and compensate it accordingly. Congratulations to the winners of this four-month period! Keep on being an example for our company!

The efforts of our staff are not ignored, instead, they get the compensation they deserve for a good job.

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How Viral Contents catch Viewers

People, in general, want to know what’s happening at the moment and what the current trends are. I’m pretty sure you’ve been in a situation where you found something you thought was amazing and needed to share it everywhere, isn’t that right? That feeling is the contagious effect of viral contents.

But first things first: how does something become viral in the first place? The answer might not be that simple, but it isn’t an impossible feat to accomplish, either.

When writing, bloggers put their thoughts and organize their ideas in a text. You may think that after finishing writing, the whole work is done, but some revisions and proofreading are necessary. However, that’s not it.

Most writers think that an excellent article should just inform and help the readers find answers in the process, which is true,  in context, but much more must be done to develop an interest in the contents you create.

Before starting the writing part, you must imagine your contents are like pages of a book: each page must lead you directly to the next one. This continuity concept can be perfectly applied to your articles, and if you manage to keep your readers be in expectation for the next one, you’ll be having your blog filled with viewers waiting for the next publication.

Readers need to feel identified with the content they’re reading, so they must be drawn to the emotions you put and how much effort there is. If you manage to trigger strong emotions in the ones who read your articles, the numbers will show at the end of the day.

Another point to consider, and a pretty logic one, is that readers want to know what’s going on today, not a review of something that happened years ago. Fresh contents get attention faster as they’re on everyone’s lips, this is the so-called trend. Take advantage of things that are trending for your readers, and they’ll be thankful to you by sharing what you wrote.

At 786.Marketing we are always on the look for new things to expand our knowledge in this ever-changing marketing business. If you want to stay up to date, get in contact with us and you’ll have a constant source of information to check.

Find something worth publishing and make it viral. It’s all up to your writing skills.

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Influencer Marketing: Partnership and Engagement

Nowadays, adverts are still globally used by the companies, as a way to reach prospects, and their effectiveness on business is the main reason why they haven’t faded away. The problem with adverts is that people are already tired of it everywhere, with false claims, and the lack of individuality behind their message. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that advertising doesn’t sell, it means that a percentage of prospects have lost interest in this way of selling. In the end, people only want to feel that they’re buying something real, and the best proof of it is when they get recommendations. Here is where influencers come as a solution.

People can relate to something when they see someone they trust saying the products is proven to work. Influencers have the capability to raise the awareness of the public towards a certain product or service, as they have built confidence from the followers. Their effectiveness in campaigns results as an improvement for companies who partner with them.

Influencers are not necessarily an individual, and they can represent a brand, person, or place. It’s important to develop agreements that benefit both parts, to establish a proper partnership with an influencer; like giving free samples of your product providing premium benefits.

Influencer marketing is the best choice for both small business and larger companies. For a small business, it’s an opportunity to earn popularity and start with the right foot. In the case of larger companies, it helps them develop loyalty and further position their products.

The benefits of partnerships with influencers are a perfect branding opportunity for both sides of the deal. If you’re an influencer looking for a company to contact with, 786.Marketing is the best choice for you. We work with inbound strategies that will get you featured on the social media.

Building relationships both online and offline determines how positive your campaigns results will be.

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Freelance Marketing: A Guide for Success

There are many entrepreneurs on the run today. For example, Ebay started off as a personal standalone project that grew due to the increasing traffic the web made. Spotify started off with two guys (Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon) in an apartment, and years after its first public beta, Spotify becomes a worldwide success, making partnerships with big brands like Playstation, Android, Mac, Facebook and Twitter.

The important thing to note is that many business or famous brands didn’t just start being big and successful. And many of these started off from freelancer entrepreneurs who had an idea, and after polishing it, the creation of a successful brand.

Freelancers break the mold of office work, they work under their parameters and establish the rules. This freedom allows them to create and develop their brand with no restraints.

If you’re willing to walk this road as a freelancer in the marketing business, you must have these things in mind:

  • Defining your brand: your personality, mission and objectives. You need to be very precise when making those if you’re willing to convince your clients in the future.
  • Your business: Let others know what is your business all about: Is it about content marketing? Will it be about designing logos? Your niche must be entirely clear for business.

As a freelancer, you must be the one in charge of knowing which will be your target market, the costs of your services, marketing plans and set personal goals.

Have a personal folder with examples of what you’re capable of depending on your type of business. For example, if you’re a graphic designer it would be wise to have a set of your creations with you, both in virtual and physical formats.

In this case, the company is YOU, so it’s your responsibility to have a well-structured start. After having that cleared up, your next goal is to reach your niche and show them what you have to offer.

In this part of the process, it’s your responsibility to create a solid image in your client’s minds that will determine whether they’ll take the deal or walk away. Don’t feel discouraged if you get a couple of denials at first; this is part of the process.

Freelancer marketing is about selling your capabilities as a brand. You don’t need to become a “Facebook” or “Twitter” overnight,  you must begin at small pace and success will just come by itself. At 786.Marketing we create the image of our clients from rock bottom until the branding process ends. After the brand is created, we make sure it gets to the places our customers want, and even beyond.

Find something worth publishing and make it viral. It’s all up to your writing skills.

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