Do You Know the Types of Instagrammers?

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If you’ve been online lately (And I mean, how could you not?) you’ve surely come across Instagram: The social network of pretty pictures. But, do you know how to identify the kind of users of this app? I’ll explain the ones I know so you can try to take advantage of the users and improve the traffic in your account to promote your  brand. You can choose to focus your marketing strategy picking just one, or a combination of the different types, the important thing is to remember to make it look clean and pretty (what in marketing we call look and feel) after all, you want to make your brand or business shine through the screen!

Tribe Creator

This one uses the power of connection to achieve a group among the followers. It’s the kind of user that repost and focuses his attention and post to the customers. It’s important to remember that this strives from the support of the community, of the following that the account obtains through the use of hashtags and promotions to the members. Since it’s created to the users and focuses on the content they post too, you get to reach an audience of close knitted buddies that get excited to see their post on your feed. You can incentivize them to participate offering prizes or discounts on your products to generate even more interest.


The average user of Instagram rarely gives something else besides a small caption, this strategy however, is to give motivation and  something valuable: Whether in the form of a recipe, advice or tip, it’s a way to generate a content that generates interests among the followers. A great way is to choose a day to publish this sort of pictures. Use a personal hashtag for your content and that’s it! Another form is using the video format to offer a quick tutorial or a motivational quote, the possibilities are endless! You can do images with text using apps available for that, and generating something visually appealing will make it more likely to get likes and interaction though tagging in the comments.


The look of a clean feed or perfectly set picture is a like candy to the eyes: People are most likely to click on a picture with a nice look. Whether that is through keeping it minimal or being particularly artsy with lighting or composition, keeping a consistent and perfect look through pictures attracts followers. Some user take pictures and put filters, or place a white border, but keeping a look that offers something visually attractive it’s a way of generating sharing potential.


Posting with a text telling a story that’s interesting for your brand, the origin of a certain product or an experience with a client makes viewers interested. I’ve seen business offering a story about a certain client that made their day, the story of a dish or a moment in their lives and it’s a great strategy: You are real human being behind the screen, and showing them a glimpse of your life.


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