Employee of the Month at 786.Marketing

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There’s a tradition in companies that most directors implement to reward employees who excel in their department and the dedication they put to the fulfillment of responsibilities. The Employee of the Month Program’s purpose is to recognize these efforts and to exhibit the individual as an example for others to follow.

At 786.Marketing we know how much effort our employees put in their daily labor. The cooperation, high quality of performance and will to assist co-workers to carry out important projects in each department; these are just some traits of character every employee should have.

In this four-month period from January until April, an election was held for the choosing of the employee of the month. And the winners were the following:

Marilyn Ramos: The SNL & SEO Manager won January’s election. Her job as the manager of the Social Network Listing department has always been of excellence, as for January, she worked non-stop to improve the creation and supervision of her department and the company, in general.

Valentina Ovalle: Did you see a grammar mistake around? If you didn’t, that’s because of her. As a Chief Editor,  Valentina’s labor only adds to the many ideas and projects she has developed in the improvement of process, inside the company. She earned the title for February’s election, that’s for sure!

Aidnes Sanchez: As the head of the Bloggers’ department, her role as a Subject Matter Manager doesn’t end just in the supervision and correct functioning of procedures. Aidnes has been working hard in many different areas of the company. She’s an example to follow for sure, a well-deserved title for March’s Employee of the Month.

Abner Roa: A promising member from the Editors’ department. Abner is an example to follow for those who are just starting in the company. He is the Editor & Content Manager. If there’s a mistake, he will make sure to correct it immediately.

The outstanding labor of our team at 786.Marketing is the reflection of what we do here. It’s our responsibility to recognize a great job and compensate it accordingly. Congratulations to the winners of this four-month period! Keep on being an example for our company!

The efforts of our staff are not ignored, instead, they get the compensation they deserve for a good job.

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