Increase Your Productivity by Cleaning Your Workspace

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Nowadays when you are working many things can influence your productivity, and while having everything on hand can help, most of the times it can hinder your ability to be efficient. Most creative people tend to be messy by nature, and having an office with trinkets, various piles of papers and files, several notepads and pencils, post-its and so on often litter their workspaces. While it might seem like it makes it easier to have everything they need in an instant, and that can be useful in some situations, most of the times it makes working even harder, because you have to spend time looking for the things you need. That’s why I’m offering you the best advice to make your time at work a breeze: Clear it all out!

I’ll tell you my story: I have been working at offices for a while now, and before this, I worked with people for about 4 years as a hostess. Back in my old job, results were easy to achieve: I had direct interaction with clients and didn’t require too many tools besides myself and a notepad. But now that I’m working at a closed setting, I’ve realized how my focus can drift away because I’m not using my time wisely and I don’t have anyone supervising my work, so I don’t get feedback right away. At first, I thought that having everything on my desk would allow me to work more efficiently. And boy, I was wrong! I had a Tablet and an mp3 -that I often used to waste time instead of researching-, a stack of papers without an order or whatsoever containing important information, pictures in frames all around and more often than not, from two to three cups and mugs. Regardless of having everything at hand, I never had anything done on time! After pondering for a while, I realized what was getting the best of me: The mess I had on my workspace.

You should know that the main thing that affects productivity is the clutter; having many things at sight often takes focus away from the goals you want to achieve because it distracts you from what you are trying to do. After I learned that, I had to make a clean break from that habit and find a way to make my job easier. I took everything out, and put it on a box, and with a clean desk, I asked myself: What do I really need to do in order to make my work more efficiently? The answer was simple for me: the desk surface should have just the things I needed right away, with everything else put away in conveniently placed storage units, but without making them top pieces of my working area. And while what you and I might need will surely be different, the basics are the same: A computer, a notepad, my smartphone, a document tray, post-its and a pen. And from my own experience I can not stress enough how useful this has been for me: Since I didn’t have any distractions, I could focus wholeheartedly on my tasks. Not only that, but I could also work better with my co-workers because I wasn’t constantly stressed out about the things I had to do, or the documents mixing up with something else. These applies to desktops too: having a screen with multiple items that you don’t actually use makes it harder to find things, specially when you have documents, pictures and all sort of things placed without being labeled or filed away properly.

I can assure you that clearing and neatening up the space and having just the essentials can boost up your productivity levels like you have no idea! Decide what your really need and store everything else, and you’ll see how work becomes instantly easier! Let us know what you think about this article and how you think you can improve your productivity using #786MarketingTips.

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