Create Irresistible Products: 7 Marketing Steps to Get it Done

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Marketers on the run know how vital is to develop trust when selling. This loyalty raises the numbers up and allows companies to expand their market niche. But before that part of the process occurs, it’s important to remember that sales go around one thing alone. That is the product you’re selling, of course.

You know this already, right? After all, this is what your business (and every profit-seeking business) is all about. But you’re here because you want to go beyond the ordinary and create a product no one can resist buying.

This entry will focus on the main guidelines to follow around the creation of a product, and how to base it on what your target wants.  After that, you will have to get their attention and offer them exactly what they needed in the first place.

1.- Identify your target


Even though it might seem like an obvious thing to do, most companies skip this part of the process, and the result couldn’t be worse. Identifying your target is not just about marking a group of people and adjusting to their needs. Your target niche must be carefully chosen to ensure the product will reach them and have success in that group.

2.- Find a blind spot


This is the moment where the product is born. After knowing who your target will be, the research begins. Investigate the big picture and look for blind spots and available seats to put your product. It’s not just about knowing the problem but solving it with what you have to offer.

3.- Create a necessity


To create a necessity, your primary goal must be that your target audience sees your product as something they need to have. Strategically, the process doesn’t need to involve advertising and spam to get it done, but raising awareness and showing just how unique the product is. Your ultimate goal is that people see the solution to what they were looking for in your product. Show them why yours is different from the lot, and the odds are that they will buy it without hesitating.

4.- Sell it for what it is


Honesty holds more value than anything when selling. Sell your product for what it is and avoid adding more attributes than it already has. In the end, the truth will just turn all those lies into failure. Credibility creates loyalty in business.

5.- Price and value


You were the one who put all the effort behind the making of the product, so you know the price it must have. But take into consideration how your target will see that price label on your product. Start off with affordable prices, and depending on the demand, make that number increase.

6.- Selling strategies


Makes sense to see commercials of sports shoes in the middle of soccer games, or food adverts on malls. Depending on what you’re trying to sell, look for a place and a way to put it on display. Also, remember to consider where your target is and ways to get your product in their mind.

7.- Buying behavior


The buying behavior is all about making clients, who have already bought your product buy again. Do not just settle with selling something once, you must seek for a clients’ comeback, and all of this is based on loyalty. Satisfied customers are very likely to repurchase your products again.


There’s always room to improve in the business world, and even more with the continuous advances marketing is making. For that matter, you must keep an eye on the changes and adapt at a fast pace. This is what makes 786.Marketing succeed in business today. We have the skills and the adaptation capability to master these changes. Do you need a full quality service to improve your company’s social media awareness? You came to the right place. Contact us to get started!

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