Learn How Trending Words Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

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For the people that work on the marketing area using an effective strategy to increase the amount of exposure that their clients get it’s the key to success. However, when you try to put this idea into practice it can backfire terribly. Using the wrong words when expressing your ideas can lead to a catastrophical result.

Not long ago, an Instagrammer placed the wrong caption under her photo and her notifications turned into something horrible. The reason? The hashtag she used attracted some of her followers that fetichized with feet, and she was bombarded with comments and likes in all of her photos and while some people might look for that kind of recognition, it wasn’t what she wanted to achieve when she used that hashtag.

How does this relate to marketing strategies: You ask? Well, what happened to her can happen to you, and when you are responsible for a brand, getting the wrong kind of attention can affect you and your business. Here are some tips on how to avoid those occurrences, and maximize the kind of exposure you want to obtain for your clients.

Defining your client

What does your client do? What do you want to achieve for that particular client? Defining the key aspects and picking the words that identify the area where your client belongs it’s important to decide what words you are going to use. Remember: Do your research beforehand. Write them down and look for them in all the social media platforms: Does someone similar to your client show up? Do you belong in that market? It that’s where you want to be, use those. If not, find another ones. The important thing is to get words that define and set your client on the list where you want them to appear, and where their brand can get more exposure.

Finding the words of the week or month

There are words that are trending during a particular period of time, take advantage of them. But, if you want to be trending during this week or month, there are some pages that can offer you the information, such as “Tags for likes”; that way you can be using the hashtag that generates more movement during a particular period of time.

Using them wisely

Don’t do spam by overusing them. It is important to remember that you also have to be responsible for the image, and turning your clients feed into a tag-fest isn’t aestethical, for any kind of product. Picking them and placing them strategically it’s the key to make a product or a person stand out more from the rest of the daily postings.

Have you ever used too many tags? We’ve all been charged guilty with that felony… Right? Well, at least I have! The important thing is to remember that we have the chance to rehabilitate, to get out and do social media rehab by learning how to use trending words properly for your brand, products or just to get more likes and follows. Let me know if the advice I’ve just given you has worked for you with the hashtag: #786MarketingLessons.   

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