Meet one of our Graphic Designers here at 786.Marketing: Keitsy Castillo

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When I first started working at 786.Marketing, the Graphic Design team was composed of superhumans that worked with several brands at the time and managed to create amazing things for each one of them. Like I mentioned before, the company has experienced a huge growth spurt throughout its working period, and during the last phase of one of those spurts, the Graphic Department was grazed by the presence of a darling girl that became the female touch that department needed. Her name is Keitsy Castillo, and she’s a Junior Graphic Designer here at 786.Marketing.

Don’t let this quiet girl fool you, Keitsy is full of surprises. She’s from Caracas and started working at 786.Marketing after a friend of her boyfriend told her that the company was looking for Graphic Designers. She sent her resume and a while later she was called in for the team. You can see why she’s been a great addition to the team: more than a Graphic Designer, she has a creative force. Her designs stand out from the rest because she makes sure to incorporate the things that make a brand fabulous into every single pixel of her images. But her work at 786.Marketing is much more than just creating images, she also helps building brands. When I asked her what made her love her work, she replied with a smirk: “I get to work in my pjs!” After a good laugh, she revealed that she loved the feeling of comfort and the familiar environment. “It’s nice to have a great boss and creative coworkers”, she confessed. She’s quite calm, and doesn’t speak much, that’s why every word she utters is taken seriously, as she’s got amazing ideas and no wish for them to go amiss.

“I love to learn from the clients and the company, it helps me become a better designer”. She’s able to pick leads and understand the subtle clues that images must have in order to reach other people. When I asked her about the future, her face brightened up: “The destiny is uncertain, really, but you can establish long goals and work towards them.” To her, those goals have to do with traveling to other countries and learning everything she can about the work she must do for different brands in the future.

Designing the images to go along with a brand is vital for every person working in social media. That’s why you need to find the right person to create a compelling product that will catapult your brand to new levels. That’s why you want to work with Keitsy Castillo, as she’s one hell of an images magician that can create action, emotion and reaction with the help of details in a picture. Contact her at

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