Meet One of Our Graphic Designers Here in 786 Marketing: Jaime Cabrera

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Barquisimeto is the home of many of our staff members, and the designer’s team has almost exclusively been formed by people from that city. And this guy it’s not the exception to that rule! Jaime Cabrera is one of the talented members of the team and a fresh out of college Graphic Designer here at the company. He’s part of the skilled professionals that take an idea from a strategist or blogger and transform it into images that are surely going to blow the client’s mind when they see them, while also attracting new audience for them and creating a coherent image for their respective brands.

Although, he’s from the same city, he was not directly recruited for the company: he came into the realm of 786.Marketing for the Facebook publication of a friend of one of the designers. He sent his resume and was called shortly afterward. He’s not just fresh out of college, but it’s one of the newest members of the company and in that short span of time has become one of the integral members of the group, creating astounding images for his team, the Black Dragons. His mythical team extends to the work he does, he has some of the most interesting accounts to work with and with chivalry and skills that rival those of the old school knights he conquers every task with swift efficiency. He’s been using the things he learned every day, taking into consideration even the slightest changes that have to be present for every brand, helping them reach their perfect style when it comes to look and feel.

Even though he’s a natural loner, he’s happy to work with other team members, helping others reach the goals they want to for their customers. “I like the sense of teamwork, it’s incredibly comfortable”. For Jaime, the communication it’s vital and he’s sure that every single task assigned to him is perfectly done to create the things are going to be a part of their customer’s social media. But he goes beyond that, as he’s also skilled in the creation of other promotional products, like pen drives, teddy bears, and other things that are great for them. He sees himself learning more lessons from 786.Marketing, and eventually moving away to another land to start his own company, always remembering the values that this company infuses in their employees: trust, communication, and excellence.

If you want to work with a talented professional that’s sure to help you transform your ideas and your brand into an army capable of conquering every single goal of yours, Jaime is your guy. Here, in 786.Marketing, we strive with people like Jaime, that are sure to take every single step in the right direction to be part of the modern history in the best way possible. That’s why you have to work with him, and I’ll leave his email here for you to have the chance to work with our knight in black shining armor:

Facebook: 786 Marketing

Instagram: @786.Marketing

Twitter: @786_Marketing

8400 NW  36th Street Suite 450 Doral  FL, 33166

Phone Number: (786) 738-6877