Meet One of Our Graphic Designers: Ricardo Aristeguieta

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One of the things I love about 786 Marketing is the fact that it opened my eyes to all sort of things, and that has allowed me to join forces with skilled professionals. From Community Managers to Strategists; every member of the company works clockwork to get the results we want for our clients. That’s why, in the face of social media adversity and modernization, I was on the right place, a place that transforms ideas into magic with the help of a particular team constituted by the most creative fellows I could’ve ever seen: The Graphic Design team. Although, their path has been clouded by the departure of other members, this team has grown to be one of the pillars of the company, with capable guys that know exactly how to create the perfect image for our clients. And one of those fellows is Ricardo Aristeguieta.

He’s from Barquisimeto, Edo. Lara, and join our family-like team thanks to Senior Graphic Designer Tony Havoc Baldo. They were classmates at Centro Instituto de Diseño Gráfico (CIDIG), there they became friends before Tony told him about the job opportunities at 786 Marketing. He loves to work for the company, and tries his best to offer options to create the connection in social media that our clients need. When I asked him about what he loved about his work, he smirked with his characteristic mischievous flare and said: “The pretty people I work with!”. He then told me that it was the teamwork what he loved, since he’s a old school lone player. He always looked for ways to stay back and work alone, but, ever since he started working for our company, he learned the value of teamwork, and how creating something with others proved to be more fulfilling than anything.

He likes to see himself as a professional player, and would love to keep on working with 786 Marketing for the following years; however, in his dreams, he has his own designing agency to devote himself to the creation of products that go the extra mile for his clients. He’s hardworking, honest and he’s always giving his best to design things that will make his clients go: “Wow!” To him, it’s more than just delivering a good image, it’s got to be an image they’ll love.

When you want to have a graphic design that makes your heart turn and with the necessary effect over your brand, you’ll surely have to contact Ricardo. I can assure you, he’ll be more than willing to take the inbound techniques that he’s learned in the company, along with his professional training in design, to give you something unique and powerful, that compels your potential clients to take the leap in your direction. He’ll be ready to help you, so contact him!

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