Meet Our Chief Editor here at 786 Marketing: Nany Indriago

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Sometimes, in your lifetime, you get to meet people with such strong will that is bound to cause a clash. I’ve been on both sides of these rocky starts, and one of the people that I’ve come to love after that fateful first time was our chief editor, Nany Indriago. She has become integral part of the functioning of the business, taking off the batoon in leadership as the right hand of our boss. But let’s start right at the beginning: I have to say that I was hesitant when it came to incorporating new steps into the company. And boy am I happy to have warmed up to the idea! Because her work proved to be essential in the functioning of various departments in the company.

Nany is from Caracas, but she likes to style herself as a citizen of the world.  She got into the company thanks to a Facebook advert, and within 30 minutes of her application she was hired. That is because Nany is one of the most qualified member of our personnel, and it shows in her work: it does not only comprise translating and correcting, but also organizing. As Chief Editor, she’s in charge of the group of editors in the company and she loves to call them her ‘minions’. They are the filter for every texts that goes into the different products of our company, and she’s well aware of the importance of their stronghold. From Social Media Strategies, to Blogs and other marketing products, every single word that goes out is supervised by her, making sure to keep the grammar and orthography in check before the world lays eyes on them.

She loves to work from home, as it allows it to be in her pjs: “Nobody will know it!”, she laughs, but then get serious telling me that the comfort it gives the employees that boost to get the creative juices flowing, helping teams -and herself- by creating something magical for their clients. During her time in 786 Marketing, she has discovered incredible things. “I didn’t know anything about marketing before, and now I’m tech savvy with social media, marketing and so many other things.” After prodding her a bit more about it, she told me that the experiences from this job have transformed her outlook of the world, and created a different sense of belonging while gathering immense knowledge in linguistic, marketing, social media, teamwork, apps and much more. “I’m a whole new person now!” Nany sees herself in the future like a tree, growing, expanding her branches and reaching up to the sky. She wants to experience the different things the world has to offer. “I want to grow, learn, and experience so much more”. She refuses to be stagnant, as there are many things that she wants to get to in the future, and opening her horizons is basically the main goal in her life, right after mastering other languages.

Nany has a knack for strong leadership and attention to detail, and that has transformed her in the base pillar of the work. She’s got eyes everywhere, and that it’s what makes her both a great leader and a valuable asset for every department. Quick to respond, humorous and with the fanciest -and poshest!-  British accent I’ve ever heard, she’s a force to reckon when it comes to creating the perfect product for our clients. If you want to work closely with this professional storm of grammar, you can contact her through her email  

Facebook: 786 Marketing

Instagram: @786.Marketing

Twitter: @786_Marketing

8400 NW  36th Street Suite 450 Doral  FL, 33166

Phone Number: (786) 738-6877