Meet Our Social Network Listing Architect: Orleany Rivas

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Sometimes, in your workplace, you find out that, somehow, you just get close to people without even noticing. Your days transform into something fun and lovely. In my case; although my first co-workers were amazing, during the first growth phase of 786 Marketing, certain employees found their way into my heart and made me feel a close friendship that’s almost impossible to describe. One of them was Orleany Rivas, one of the key elements in the Social network listing Department.

She’s from Caracas, and as she likes to say: “I’m like the Metro, in its pretty times”. Six months after she entered the company, she told me how she came to know about us: her department leader, Marilyn Ramos, told her about it in a conversation with other acquaintances, and she sent her information right away. Orleany’s charge is incredibly helpful in the company, and, I’m not entirely sure of what she does exactly; only that she’s great at it.  I know that it’s the foundation for the rest of the work we do in the Digital Marketing Department. Her charge is long, and it reminds me of a certain character in an HBO series, she’s a Social Network Listing Architect, and as she likes to be styled: “… first of her name, Queen of the Social Networks”. That’s the base of how Orle got into my heart, as well as the rest of the staff members. Although quiet, this girl sure is a firecracker quick-witted, creative and ingenious person. She’s the soul of the laughs when it comes to friendly banter in our group, and it’s the best at bickering. That smart brain is not only used for laughs, as she’s a brilliant and constant worker that hides in her corner of the office with her computer and manages to give style and flare to the Social Networks that she crafts for our clients.

She told me that she loved the way the company and co-workers welcomed her: “It was warm and inclusive since the first moment.” And the more I talked to her, the more I could see how she loved the company: “I bonded with them throughout communications, from funny images to serious and businesslike conversations when they must, it’s just amazing.” Another thing she loves is the responsibility and all the lessons she can learn from all the things we do; aside from the fact that they work to mold your college needs while working and attending college. What she learned from the company, you ask? It might sound cliche but: “I love how it taught me the importance of teamwork; I was a lonely player and with them, I’ve learned just how much a team can do to help reach amazing goals”. When I asked her how she sees in the future, she gave me a few pearls of wisdom: “Life changes pretty fast, I don’t want to put a glass roof over my head, I want to have unlimited dreams”. She loves to custom design, and she’s a dear fan of Oscar’s ceremony award for costume design, because it helps them create an identity; that’s closely related to what she does now: create basic identity packages for customers, transform a profile into something deeper and more personal to helps others identify a brand.  

Behind someone quiet and introverted, you can find an amazing creative force, such as this small girl. If you want someone that can create Social Network profiles to fit the exact needs of your brand, you need to look no further! The amazing Social Network Listing department, where Orleany is, will be ready to help you portray your brand in the best way possible with the flare of a person that knows exactly how to take a serious turn into the right direction for your brands. Contact her at

Facebook: 786 Marketing

Instagram: @786.Marketing

Twitter: @786_Marketing

8400 NW  36th Street Suite 450 Doral  FL, 33166

Phone Number: (786) 738-6877