Moving Publicity: The Best Way To Reach The Modern Generation

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Imagine this: you are walking on the streets, and over the corner of your eye something catches your attention. It’s a moving figure that’s almost magnetic. It’s entrancing, you are captured in the motion of the plastic figure and it’s inevitable. They make people turn, children laugh and, sometimes, get the attention of the people that pass by in such a way that’s almost impossible for them not to directly interact with the brands. Do you know why this happens? Moving objects are more prone to get the visual attention of the casual bystander. This is a simple logic, yet many brands forget about this fact and let their products miss the chance of a happy and interested customer because they don’t use this amazing resource.

Moving publicity it’s not a new trend, however. People have inherently assumed that moving objects with bright colors get the attention for years. It’s, in fact, a notion that has stunned marketers for years: why people feel more drawn to content that’s moving. It’s deeply ingrained in the habits of our species, as it made us survive the dangers of the world. We tend to pay more attention to something that’s likely to move, as it represents a possible danger. And while it’s unlikely that a moving publicity it’s actually dangerous (to something more than your wallet, that is), these ideas are great to capture and virtually have the necessary attention to make a sale possible.

In my case, I adore moving publicity. Whether it’s slinky plastic figures or moving banners, they are ideal for capturing my attention. Make it bright colored, and I’m drawn to them. And I’m not alone. Most of the market it’s highly interested in products that offer a different and eye-catching publicity. Sometimes, the slinky figures are not quite your thing, and I get it. But why miss the chance to get people interested in what you have to offer using the same principle but in a different presentation? There are many alternatives, such as turning banners, that can be free to reign when the breeze blows, or you can put a small motor to control the motions and have them timed. Other great options are added screens that rotate. These are a bit more expensive and delicate, but they work great as far as serious and interesting publicity goes.

Here at 786.Marketing, we’re not only a digital publicity agency. We’re a business that focuses on producing content integrally for our brands. That means, producing more than just digital images, as we have a printing department that can get your brand the necessary reach through moving publicity. Contact us and see how someone who loves your brand as much as you do can make a difference in the way your audience perceives you!

When you create publicity that’s highly interactive, you’ll get better results.

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