Printed Products: Why You Need to use More of These!

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Printed products are by far one of the best alternatives you have in the market to reach audiences. However, the fact is, this may be an old school method but it doesn’t make it boring at all. Because, nowadays, we have a large number of alternatives to transform simple printing into something unique. And with 786 Marketing, you can turn a blank sheets of paper or vinyl, through a great variety of methods, into the products you wish, from interesting flyers to gift bags. These are elements that, without much effort, can take your brand to the next level in an inventive way without having to leave your bank account clean. You need more to go on? Let me tell you about it!

  • Great for your budget: Printed products, like flyers, have something going on for them that some other forms of publicity don’t have, and that’s the “bang for buck” factor. They reach wider audiences for less money and, most of the time, they require little to no effort to reach the intended target. But you have to remember something, in order to have the best effect possible, you have to hire an excellent graphic designer to create an attractive design for you.
  • Novel alternatives: Paper is everything but boring. Some of those printed items can turn into something unique if you want to. Printing and shaping paper, according to a certain pattern, give a different twist to those elements, it transforms 2D into 3D with the help of a little glue, for instance. This is just one of the different alternatives that you have when it comes to creating something from it and it can transform your idea into something new.
  • Keeping attention: When you see something on a computer, tablet or smartphone screen, you have a great chance of losing the attention of someone over other apps. With paper, distractions are less likely to make your reader take away their eyes from the text. This improves the attention span and makes your product reach them in a more concise way, also offers them the alternative of having a visual backup when they want to reach you. Besides, it’s also easier to remember physical things than something we saw on a screen.

Those are just a few of the reasons why you need to use more printed products, and, here at 786 Marketing, we can help you find the right one for you, giving you quality design and eco-friendly printing processes for your products. Reach out to our website to see the variety of options we offer!

When you need a fun yet traditional advertising, posters are the way to go!

When you need a fun yet traditional advertising, posters are the way to go!

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