Showing Your Brands At Events: The Benefits of Having Personalized Booths.

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Events such as fairs, conventions and so on, are great ways to get exposure: You offer your product directly to potential customers in a competitive setting. But surrounded by all that competition, what would make your product stand out from the rest? Today I’ll be answering that question and giving you the easiest way to achieve great results in these situations: Personalized booths. And I’m fairly sure you’ve seen them around. They are stands with or without a backdrop, plus the logo of your brand printed on the front part of the structure itself.

The reason why you need to consider these booths an option is their versatility. For example, when you’re attending an event in a convention center, the image you want to present is formal and professional, but when placing a stand in a fair, it becomes a more laid-back setting; either way, the goal is the same: To introduce your brand as a high quality one through its logo and name. So that’s why booths are one of the most successful ways to invest your money in terms of publicity: Because with proper care they can last a huge amount of time, and be placed in an infinity of settings, from formal expositions to sort of pop-up shops.

I assure you that if you invest in a personalized booth, regardless of whatever design you choose, it will become one of the most accurate acquisition you’d ever make. So, top it up with a great promoter or even yourself attending the people interesting in your product and you’ll have instant recognition. With the proper design team behind the image you place on it, and the right set of implements such as flyers, presentation cards, and so on; you’ll have a product that not only will work as a physical representation of your brand, but also as an instant linkage and a marketing tool for years.

Here at 786 Marketing we offer you a variety of settings, from simple stands to more complex and elaborate ones, all of those with one goal in mind: To represent your brand in the most spectacular way to make a lasting impact on your future clients. Ask for the special promotions in booths and tents.

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