Social Media Manager: The Fuel of Your Brand

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Brands are like house plants: They have the potential to brighten up your life, and that only happens with the proper care. In the marketing business, that care giver is the social media manager: It’s the person behind the screen that makes your venture bloom. Why hire one? Because that’s the greatest skill of a successful entrepreneur in leadership: Recognizing that someone has a set of skills you don’t, and adding them to your team. Having one it’s an investment because in today’s market, having social networks and not taking advantage of their power or using it with no strategy can be harmful to your brand. The damage can also be made by posting too frequently, publishing without taking care of the details or using the wrong keywords; the list goes on and on. That’s why it’s so important to know who are you hiring.

When you are investing not only your time but also your money, it’s important to find someone capable of taking your idea to the next level. You have to look for a manager who knows its way around, and has a defined profile idea of your products: The right person can assess and produce quality content that will lure your customers and make them interact with your brand. A great social media manager not only publishes but offers you a different and personalized approach of all platforms you want to be on.

Something you have to remember is that age should not be a factor, since it’s not their experience in the market what determines their abilities but their mindset: Someone could be 18 years old and have a great strategy and the necessary knowledge to increase your followers on the social platform of your choosing, so don’t look down on potential managers because of this. What’s important is their understanding of social media and the connection they can set with potential clients, SEO and content producers. Find someone who can figure out your brand’s personality and that can explain it to you simply. This requires a technique, and asking the right questions while conducting the interview.

If you want to know more about social media managers and what to ask them when you are considering to hire one, check out our blog next week! In the meantime, tell me your thoughts on this article using #786MarketingTips.


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