Stress Toys!

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We’ve all felt it at one point in our lives, Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand, frustration or threat. But what if I tell you there’s an effective way of releasing all your stress? But we all need to know first…

Stress… good or bad?

Well, according to the help guide and many other resources “Stress within your comfort zone can help you perform under pressure, motivate you to do your best, even keep you safe when danger looms” but also “when stress becomes overwhelming, it can damage your health, mood, relationships, and quality of life”.

Then… How can we help you release stress out?

We can help you keeping your mood and spirit high with Mood Stress Relievers, these mood maniacs are a weighted stress reliever that wobbles back and forth but will not fall down. So… if you are angry with your boss, squeeze it! If you’re angry with your mom, squeeze it! If you’re angry with your husband or wife, squeeze it!

Squeeze, exercise, release all your stress and also promote your business or cause with these cute little fellas.

Don’t worry we’ll keep the secret for you! ; )