The Unbelievable Reasons Why Your Posts Aren’t Popular

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If you’ve been on Facebook lately, you might spot a trend in the things the main page shows you: somehow, the things that pop into your feed are incredibly popular. It’s a fact that, at least 30% of it is marketing gold: content that’s shared all over the place by users like you and me. If you’ve been in this industry long enough, you’ll know how important it is to work with and for the people to reach the popularity levels that generate and increase the engagement of people with brands. So, take a minute to sit down and think what makes those post popular. To me, it’s like finding the elixir of youth for Social Media: it helps you refresh your brand, it allows a connection with a more specific audience, and it creates the interest that helps you cement sales and business relationships with providers and clients alike.   

Why aren’t your post popular?

With that in mind, you might be asking yourself the biggest question out these: “Why isn’t my content been shared?” Don’t freak out! It could be solved with just a bit of snipping around the edges to create the perfect content. But first, let me tell you why your post aren’t’ reaching the popularity levels that you want.

These are just a few of the reasons why posts might be doing poorly:

  • You might be using the wrong format: Using a video when content can be shared better in a picture, writing walls of text with no real interest, using bad quality images, etc.
  • You are not creating conversation: Posts that are shared are those that create conversation. If you are not asking questions or creating a dynamic, you are missing out.
  • You are not giving valuable information: Most of the long shared content is formed by posts that give out something valuable.
  • You are not causing emotions: Emotions, and connection for that matter, requires you to work with the mind of your audience. If your post lacks emotional background, they are bound to flop.
  • You are posting on dead hours: Yes, Social Media is always awake. But your intended audience has an specific time where it’s more likely to be connected. If you are posting at the wrong time, you are punching on water.
  • You are being repetitive: Brands are places to share. If your followers don’t see variety and engagement to others, they are bound to avoid sharing your content.

How can you make them popular/shareable?

Think of sharing like little metal shavings, and Inbound marketing is the magnet. But, if you are not strong enough to pull those small pieces of precious metal to you, you are doing it wrong. For that reason, you need to transform yourself in a bigger and stronger version of yourself to create the necessary interest. Nevertheless, what are the things that drive interest from users? Well, it depends on your market! Work your way backward with what you are offering. What are the products that are unique about your brand? How can a random user picked from a crowd can benefit from it? What’s your target? Think of the things that will increase the potential contact from them, what are the things that they could really be interested in? Those are your strong points when it comes to attracting an audience.

To get more shares you should:

  • Study your audience: Learn from them, after all, these are your potential clients!
  • Use new strategies: Implement different techniques to ensure the reactions you want.
  • Provide varied content: Yes, go from pictures to videos, from texts to links, from owned to third party content.
  • Create connections: Don’t limit yourself to your brand! Engage with others, share the love and interest that could help both brands grow.
  • Use user generated content: If you post a picture of a client with a product, it’s bound to generate love. Why? People love to be related to brands. Take advantage of that!

Attention in Social Media fickles. Sometimes, the thing you least expect gets thousands of shares, and becomes part of the Internet culture. But those are rare cases, because most of the time you need to craft carefully to create content that attracts audiences. Here, at 786.Marketing, we thrive on working with brands to transform them into huge magnets to ensure they get the right audience at the right time, helping them boost their sales integrally. Work with us and see how those flunky posts can transform into inbound gold!

Just by using these simple tips, your posts will get more shares.

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