Transform Your Items Out, But Being Green!

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I like being eco-friendly, also being a huge geek. But when I’m just personalizing something with a Geeky logo, I don’t want that to be damaging to nature. Now, what if I told you I know a way to make customized items, without all the contamination? Sounds too good to be true, but I actually know some guys who can do that. And I enjoy gossiping about the things I like!

However, I will not give up this secret just now! Let me explain to you how you might have products that contaminate while being produced: The textile sector of the manufacturing business leaves a huge amount of water contamination (Also called “Water footprint”) and pollution in our planet. It is also a part of the clothing industry, and if you must know, it moves millions of dollars a year all that while contaminating.

With that in mind, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be a part of it by making my things with companies that didn’t explain to me where they made the things, and how. It didn’t seem right to me. Was I willing to pollute the planet just for the sake of geekiness? I wasn’t sure, but in the end, I found the light: A pair of companies that offered me what I was looking for: Eco-friendly mass produced goods!

KK Ideas and 786 Marketing work together to deliver personalized products fabricated with the highest quality standard and with a modernized take on the old school techniques used in the dying industry. When I first heard that, I could not believe it. Then, as this time and age let us have the information at the tip of our finders, I did some research. Remember that I’m a gossip? Well, I also like to know it all. Somehow what they offered was real: Customized products that left no water contamination footprint. Plus, I could print my design in pretty much anything! Shoes, t-shirts, caps, totes, apparel, they have it all.

Because of this wide range of articles, the fact that it guaranteed me that what I received would not be heavy on my environmental conscience and that it would look positively badass, which is what I was looking for… Right after being eco-friendly, that is. They are my secret, and I couldn’t be so greedy as to keep them from you, could I? Now, I must leave you. I’m going to order some caps for my Eco-Geek group!  


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