Using Google AdWords to Help you Brand Grow

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The biggest online advertising it’s turning the marketing industry into something new. A few years ago, Google launched AdWords, a service that takes keywords, cookies and predefined preferences, such as geography geolocation or previous terms used; to show users ads that relate to the search they are realizing at the moment. And it’s a huge platform for launching small business and placing your offer in a top spot.

It’s a great tool to reach customers when you specialize in a particular area. For me, it’s the ideal setting: How could I compete with huge business that offer the same thing I do? The cupcake industry is a competitive one, for example: The way to make my product stand out and show first in this search engine, I use AdWords.

Where Can They be Used?

You must know that using AdWords is important, from an inbound point of view. The traditional uses of marketing strategies no longer work for most of the products nowadays and taking this approach can be just the direction you need. In my case, like I said: It’s cupcakes.

Ever since my mom and I started making them gluten free, it’s been war: We’re in a highly specialized area of bakery, but there’s a lot of competition. Considering this, when I heard that you could have your name on top of a Google search, and that besides, it could be just for people that were geographically close to our store! There’s a million words that could appear when someone looks for it, but with that option, it would only show in my area.

Who Uses Google Adwords?

It’s not just for small brands either: Hotels use it, relating to the destination of a trip or quality of service, food industry use it because it could be locked to specific terms such as “fast food” or “Thai Food”, and the car rental services. They all relate specifically to an area, and with the right words assigned to their desired advertise it would place them first in the potential buyer query. In my case as a baker, I’m in the food industry, so when you search for “Gluten Free Cupcakes” the Ad that shows on top, might be mine.