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Videos: How to Use Them in Social Media

786.Marketing Agency Corp.BlogVideos: How to Use Them in Social Media

It’s normal to forget how visual people are. We are able to understand concepts from mere images, and it’s simple to capture the audience’s attention with a perfectly crafted picture. But what if we take it one step further and use one of marketing’s least used resources: videos. More than just normal sequences of images, a video works as a magnet. A combination of sounds and pictures creates an interesting platform to launch incredible projects that make people feel connected with their intended audience in a much better way. We, at 786.Marketing, are going to show you just how a simple video can change your Social Media platforms.


This is one of the most visual platforms out there. They have a great system for videos. The caveat for Instagram is that the videos you can upload have to be native from their platform or directly from your phone’s library, they can’t be imported from any other platform. The bonus? They are the most representative portion of the timelines for people, and they are often peaked in the list of possible things you can be interested in when you use the “Explore” tool.

Make the most out of Instagram’s videos by doing the following:

  • Keep them clean and short: They are often seen in hand-held devices. People like to see things quickly on their smartphones or tablets.
  • Be careful with the lighting: Darker videos present a stark contrast with the clean interface of Instagram, and will often be ignored.
  • Mind the square: The platform for Instagram is completely square. Keep that in mind while shooting videos or importing them from other platforms.


Although videos are not a rare occurrence on Facebook and have been happening for quite a while, there’s a new feature that makes them incredibly handy: the live option. You can broadcast any important event with your brand, or just show a step-by-step of something, even a simple thing like showing off your team, any of those things will make your followers love you. Importing from YouTube it’s also a great idea for Facebook platforms, and that way you’ll get double reach in both platforms.

Make the most out of Facebook videos doing the following:

  • Use them only once a day: Videos can be tiring for your followers and they need to be seen as a bonus. Use them with care.
  • Be mindful of the live feature: Live television is powerful, but it’s scripted. Try to implement this and define what can and can not happen while recording a live video from Facebook.
  • Use subtitles: Sometimes, people use Facebook in their work, commute or travel. Enabling subtitles will allow people to check the content without using sound.


This platform has been offering import from videos for quite a while, but like Facebook, it incorporated a system to do Livestreaming in the shape of Periscope. In the upgrades, you can find the alternative right next to the normal importing tools native to the app. One of the perks of the videos on Twitter is that they have a higher engagement potential when faced with other platforms.

Make the most out of Twitter videos doing the following:

  • Stick to one theme: Whether it’s for fun, to inform or just communicate important info, videos need to be concise and stick to one subject per video.
  • Incorporate a call to action: Twitter’s advantage is the fact that it allows an instant response, meaning, it’s ideal for you to incorporate Call-to-action. Do it creatively.
  • Create a great tweet: Accompany your video with something that gets people’s attention. This will make it something unique and eye-catching for your brand.

Here at 786.Marketing, we believe in the use of Social Media as a tool to increase the potential of every single brand. That’s why we love to use video to increase the engagement of our audience, and we want you to think of them as tools for your marketing strategy. Remember, inbound marketing is about creating something unique, and videos are the way to go!

When you make people use videos, you’ll see the results almost instantly.

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