We Celebrate Arbor Day!

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Way back in 1594, the Spanish village of Mondoñedo celebrated a party where the townspeople were encouraged to plant trees, starting what would later become a movement. However, the celebration as we know it today has been around since 1805, when in the little town of Villanueva de la Sierra in Spain, the local parish Ramon Bacas Roxo promoted a tree-planting day, being supported by the enthusiastic townspeople. The legend says that while Napoleon was wreaking havoc along Europe, the priest of this small village encouraged people to plant trees, allegating a set of benefits towards health, the environment and even decoration. This was done on a Carnival Tuesday, and later on it became celebrated by the whole town, with feasts and dances, lasting three days. This generated the publication of a manifesto that spread out through the region, encouraging towns to love and respect nature through planting trees.

Here in the US, the celebration started with J. Sterling in Nebraska, planting around one million trees in that area on April 10, 1874 as a conservationist strategy. From then on the celebration what globalized by Birdsey Northrop, through his message of conservation and his Village Improvement message in places like Japan, Australia, Canadá and throughout Europe. The conservationist spirit has spread around the world and today we commemorate it by planting trees in our communities, encouraging young generations to do the same with academic activities focused on the conservation and care of the source of our breathing air.

Today at 786 Marketing, we want to encourage you to take care of nature so, plant a tree! This day is a reminder that we’ve only got a home and it’s this one right here, hence we have to make it a great place for us and to future generations. Take care of a tree alongside your family and friends and enjoy the beauty that nature has to offer, being always respectful of the world we live in.

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