Why do you Need Personalized Pins for Your Marketing Campaign

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A few years back I was still in high school, and one of the reasons why I hated it was that we had to wear uniforms. In my country, we all had to use them since kindergarten until we were seniors, and the expression of our personality wasn’t an easy task for us. We were all alike, and our bags were the only places where we could be ourselves, that would make us stand out from the rest of the alumnae. Since I had been interested in quite a lot of things up to that point, I took personal effort in finding the pieces that would make my bag so unique and entirely my own that I tried pretty much anything: painting it, adding studs, hanging keychains and so on, but then I saw a friend with her backpack full of pins and I thought “EUREKA!”. It was simple, easy and effective. Besides, I could put pretty much anything into them!

At that point little did I knew about my future other than the outings I was planning with my friends, I had no idea that I’d move here, that I would grow interested in marketing and that I would end up working for an agency doing what had been just a hobby for me. Now, when I look back, I find that I instinctively knew when something was great, and pins were among those things. With the understanding that I have now of the marketing business, I can assure you that I see the full potential of those small items and see a word of possibilities opening right in front of my eyes.

Pins are an effective way of transmitting an idea, and they come in many different presentations, and you can even get pieces that are shaped like the logo of your company or small business. To me, they were a way of expressing myself and my ideas, and for the company I work for, it was a way of showing our brands over people’s labels, on kids backpacks and on many other surfaces where they can be placed. They are a form of expression, a smart way of showing your interest for certain subjects, your political inclinations, or the fact that you belong to a particular group. You need to take advantage of the durability of the pins, of the fact that they are visible and that in some cases, they are a very sought after item for the people interested in your brand.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to 786 Market and browse their catalogue, so you can see all the options that they have to offer.  You have pins made with enamel or glossy finishes, traditional in size or with a special measure to fit your needs, besides the option of having it designed by the highly qualified design team that can make it all come true. Mix and match the different pieces and create something unique for your brand. Turn your idea into something great with the help of the people qualified for the job!

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